Who Am I? 

“That’s the question that I come closer to answering through making music. It feels like an endless journey to me...and sometimes like the biggest challenge.

Listen to my music and you will get to know me. More important, however, is that listening triggers something in you that gets you to get to know yourself better, too.” - Ena Fay

Ena Fay draws you in with her distinctive voice and unique writing style which are at the heart of her soulful music. The German-born singer-songwriter’s quirky personality drives her to combine vintage fashion style with avant-garde musical ideas. Her debut and concept EP ‘Arwen’, released independently in 2017, is also based on the coming together of polarities. This idea springs from a Celtic symbol she came across due to her growing up as a young girl in Ireland and Northern Ireland.

On 28th June 2019 she had the premiere of her show ‘I Can Feel It, Too’ in Belfast on the theatre stage of the Crescent Arts. The intensity of the performance with her new band left the audience in awe. The unique musical sound combined with theatre elements and a striking visual made this a very special concert indeed. Some of the songs that are performed on the night will form her next EP that she is planning on recording this autumn while also performing her songs in further venues in London.

Comparisons to the likes of Florence and the Machine, Bjork and Kate Bush are made due to her voice and the originality of her artistry. With her love for theatre and dance, she filmed a continuous music video accompanying the twenty minute debut EP with the award winning dance duo Iron&Sparks being the main characters, at various occasions also dancing in Ena Fay’s live performances. British painter and performance artist Adelaide Damoah was also inspired by the music videos and created an art exhibition in Camden in 2015 with the same title as Ena Fay’s song ‘This Is Us’.

Being very sensitive to her surroundings and a great observer, Ena Fay will have you feeling connected to her words from the first note that she sings until the last… “I see life, I see pain, I feel warmth, I see shame” - lyrics from the lead single ‘This Is Us’ of the Ep ‘Arwen’. Be sure to come down to one of her concerts in London and keep your eyes out for new releases coming soon!



by Ena Fay

Ena Fay's debut EP 'Arwen' takes you on a journey of finding balance in a relationship as well as in yourself.

The continuous music video to the songs is out on Youtube!


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