Who Am I? 

“That’s the question that I come closer to answering through making music. It feels like an endless journey to me...and sometimes like the biggest challenge.

Listen to my music and you will get to know me. More important, however, is that listening triggers something in you that gets you to get to know yourself better, too.”

Ena Fay sees how we get tangled up in life, in our own minds, in our polarities. So she deals with it by putting it in a song. Her debut EP ‘Arwen’ tells a story about finding balance. Her lead single - This Is Us.

German-born, yet with French ancestry, she spent six of her childhood years in Ireland/Northern Ireland. Intrigued by this green island, a Celtic symbol became the concept of this EP which was released this Winter. 

At the heart of her music is her distinctive voice. This and also her unique writing style lets her be compared to artists such as Bjork, Florence and the Machine and Kate Bush. Her quirky personality drove her to combine vintage fashion style with avant-garde musical ideas. Her lyrics, however, are set in the here and now.   

Based in London, her passion for theatre and dance is incorporated in her soulful music act not only in her continuous music video that comes with the album, but also in her live shows. She sees her shows as an opportunity to share experiences with an audience in a way that still leaves space for individual interpretation. 



by Ena Fay

Ena Fay's debut EP 'Arwen' takes you on a journey of finding balance in a relationship as well as in yourself.

The continuous music video to the songs is out on Youtube!


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